About us

Joint Stock Company „PATA Strenči” – stable company with 70 years of experience in forestry.

The key to development – not only to run sawing jobs in the property, but also to accomplish planned forest management in distant future.

The company was founded in 1947 and the core business is to provide any type of felling area logging and forest management as well as round timber supplies. At the momet our company offers forest management and logging within the parameters of a full forestry cycle.

The largest shareholder is SIA PATA (www.pata.lv), which is known as one of the biggest forest management and lumber production company in the baltic region (holds 91.81% of shares).

Many years of cooperation with State Stock Company “Latvia’s State Forests” is important for the company, but cooperation with the private forest owners are being assessed particulary high because any forest property regardless of the area is needed to be planted, tended and developed. To take care properly about little forest area is in the caring host forces, however for the bigger forest owners it is more convenient to assign forest management work to professionals with experience. For every forest property owner contract for long term forest management provides a guarantee that after several years in cutover place will thrive groomed forest.

Successful cooperation is being ensured by long-term practise in forestry, qualified staff and individual approach to each customer.